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I just found your show while looking for Beatles podcasts for my Beatle loving boyfriend. It rocks. We have already learned some new stuff (surprise!).
Keep up the great work.



awesome site man


I really enjoyed this podcast. It inspired me to begin putting together my own podcast that will feature songs from my forthcoming Beatles tribute CD. It will be entitled, RUBBER stamp my SOUL. It will include this George Harrison tribute:

Bye George
words and music by Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT (c)2006

this original song of mine, covered by Alyssa Kaess:

When I Heard You Sing
words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2006

and maybe (if one of you can help me find a contact person to give me permission to release it) Beatles cover tunes like this one:

Hey Jude

aka Dr. BLT
King of Blog n Roll

Joseph Lennon Ireland

Hi, thanks alot for these excellent interviews, listen in my car as I drive... Huge Beatle fan... Yes it's my real name haha... Keep up the good work.. Long live the fabs...


Been waiting 5 years for week 15. What's up?

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