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This is a absolutly awesome song. It rocks. Do I have permission to play it on my podcast at: ? I hope so, this is perfect for us podcasters. I love this podcast too, keep 'em coming. :)


Is this song considered podsafe? Any thoughts of uploading it to in order for everyone to play it?


Great song, thanks for posting this. They say that the clean edit will be out on Thursday.

Craig Patchett

The "Squeaky Clean Remix" is now available here:

And yes, not only are both versions completely podsafe but if you visit the band's web site you can download instrumental and vocal-only version to do your own mixes.

Craig Patchett

...and a guitars-only mix!


Really awesome song! It's a total summer hit. It might be the first "hit" from podcasting. :)


This song nearly made me unsubscribe from what is otherwise an excellent feed. Podcasts don't need to fall down the same self-congratulatory hole that blogs have. Please don't post another "gee, aren't podcasts great? here's a song about podcasts on our podcast! how meta!" song.

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