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Hey I just wanna know how people are doing this, it's awesome. How can you get just the vocals? I'd like to do some of these myself, if anyone can tip me off on where to start I'd appreciate it. This one is great.


its actually ray of light not material girl.. but a kick ass song anyway.. one of the best from mashuptown i've heard


Jeremy, most of this is done of course with software like Acid. Accapellas and beats and such are scattered all over the net. L8R

Doins, Ya I know the song isn't material girl but I guess I always think of Madonna as the 'material girl'. If you can think of a better title for the track let me know and we can change it. L8R


Nice, nice, but missin the chuga of a 4/4...maybe thats the point but it would kick it in^^

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