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PSST again - All of the tracks there (Lockdown), except I can't figure out the url's for tracks #9 and #11. Anyone know what the exact filenames might be for those two? (see track list on




Or at least that's what they were yesterday

Benjamin Chirlin

I'm a bit confused now, I thought that mashuptown was getting closed down, in fact I can only get here at all through the RSS. So what exactly is happening? Have we gone underground or what?


Your motherfucking mashup broke my fucking iPod.



Hmmm... that is unfortunate. Could you please let us know which track was the culprit. This is the first instance of this happening to any iPod that I have heard of and could be the first signs of mp3itis. This is very disturbing as it could be the beginning of a world wide pandemic in the iPod world.

We need more information which will be forwarded at once to the proper authorities.

We no longer have control over the quality or validity of the links provided. At time of posting the links are deemed reliable and functioning. After that it's dependent on the link owner/provider.

Sorry for any trouble, good to know you are alive and well. We've missed your explict language ridden comments here at



It's whatever bloody track was included in the podcast. I finished one podcast, flipped through the list, went to the newest Mashup of the Week one, clicked on it, and my iPod crashed, and now all I get is that damned sad iPod icon. 4G iPod mini, FYI. Latest drivers and everything, and was working without a hitch until I tried playing your damn file.


Ahhh... the Apple iCon of death - that sucks. First the file is not "ours", it is a link to a file on someone elses server. Second I've played the file on both my ipods and have had not had the same experience (I have two mini's). Third I've had to take back one of my iPods 4 times for repairs in less than a year - sounds like it's a problem with your iPod not the music being played on it. I feel your iPod crash pain. Perhaps Santa will bring you a new iPod if you're a good boy. Peace and Happy Holidays


Thanks for the filenames, Pigpen. My bad-- I should have first read Bigpig's comment posted under "Get this one quick like" from 11/29.


The interesting thing about this is that a local station here in DC has been airing Boulevard of Broken Songs.


I am the biggest Green Day fan *ever* and I think this mashup album is fantastic! :D i have about four of the tracks - i can't wait to hear the rest!


I have edits of:

BOBD and

Anybody know of any others?


Hey, I realize this is 2 and a half years after your iPod trouble, but the issue can more than likely be resolved by resetting your iPod. This can be done in either of two ways (depending on your iPod generation). Either press and hold menu and the center button or press and hold play/pause and the center button for about ten seconds or until the apple logo appears on the screen. If it works properly, your iPod should function afterward. Again, I realize this post is a long time after the original, but better late than never I guess.


the link to dr. who on holiday is broken :(

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